3 benefits of a potential NFL overtime rule change

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Anyone who watched the NFL Divisional Playoffs and saw the Buffalo Bills fall to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime knew a potential rule change could happen in the offseason.

The Indianapolis Colts have submitted a proposal to change overtime rules so that every infraction is guaranteed a possession.

It is unclear if there will be a consensus to make the change as it has been revisited before without success.

No matter how they decide to implement it (limited to the playoffs only or throughout the entire season), the NFL needs to make the change.

Here are three benefits of making this change.

3. Makes fans happy

Football fans seemed more upset with the Chiefs’ win over the Bills than the players themselves.

Josh Allen handled the situation well and tried to calm the outrage among fans.

Fans buy TV packages (NFL Sunday Ticket and Amazon), buy player jerseys and pay to watch NFL games in person.

If they are dissatisfied and question the legitimacy of a rule, the NFL must assess whether it should be changed.

2. Offers a fair and reasonable way to conclude the game

The NFL is a league that prides itself on fairness.

From alternating who gets the kickoff at the start of the game and after halftime to how the order of the repechage is established, fairness is the overriding theme.

In this case, the current overtime rules do not settle a hard-fought, evenly matched game fairly.

A rule change promotes fairness.

1. The draw is not a deciding factor

The biggest benefit of the NFL’s new overtime rules is that the coin toss doesn’t become a determining factor in the outcome of the game.

It seems haphazard and random that the draw is so important.

All the toss needs to do is determine which team gets the ball first and last in overtime.

NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano revealed some eye-opening stats on the impact of the coin toss on OT results.

According to Siciliano and NFL Research, the team that won the overtime toss won 52% of the games.

This includes regular season and playoff games.

However, in the playoffs, the draw is more decisive.

The playoff team that wins the OT toss is 10-1.


Maybe NFL Research stats make it easier for the NFL to change its overtime rules.

The NFL Competition Committee is expected to discuss this potential rule change as early as this week.

Opponents of the rule change believe teams need to play better defense if they lose the toss.

That’s easier said than done, especially after a grueling 60 minutes of regulation time.

It will be interesting to see how the NFL Competition Committee handles this contentious issue.

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