A look at the week 1 NFL hearing from the end of the freeway – the athletic

KEY WEST, Florida – We were having our usual evening meal of complimentary rum drinks and slow cooker hot dogs when I was surprised by the audible commotion of a group of drunken football fans at a table near a TV behind me.

I craned my neck to see what triggered the screams and cackles. The replay showed a savage interception from the pinball end zone of what should have been a winning slant pass from Derek Carr in the fifth quarter of the first “Monday Night Football” TV show of 2021.

It thrilled what appeared to be a wild pack of Baltimore Ravens blotto fans. As a Clevelander native and occasional admirer of the Ken Stabler-era Raiders, their joy thrilled me. I turned away until I soon heard moans – Carr eventually found the end zone to win the game.

There’s a single soundless TV mounted in a dark upper corner of Key West’s infamous and beloved Chart Room Bar, a hotel-room-sized watering hole in cinder blocks hidden for half a century in the city. interior of the expensive Pier House Hotel at the end of Duval Rue. The Hall is where Jimmy Buffett made his debut and where people like Truman Capote, Hunter S. Thompson, and various local and tourist figures have raised impressive amounts of hell.

This is also where a few of us witnessed that crazy overtime Monday night.

We were away from Key West, which is literally at the end of a freeway that runs from Maine to Mile Marker Zero at the end of the Florida Keys, for almost two years because of the pandemic.

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