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Pictured is Josh Allen’s jersey which will be donated to raise funds for the Lexy Hughan Memorial Fund.

Infinity Visual and Performing Arts and various members of the community have teamed up to raffle off a Josh Allen jersey to create the Lexy Hughan Memorial Fund. The fund will provide music, art, dance and drama lessons at Infinity with the help of Hughan’s mother, Sara Rafaloski, the program site coordinator.

Shane Hawkins, executive director of Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, said Missy Paterniti was able to secure the jersey for the draw and was instrumental in the process. Hawkins said the fund will focus on courses Hughan would have liked to see offered as part of the program.

“It’s quite broad because Lexy was an actress, a musician, an artist and a dancer” she said. “She really did all of the programming that we had here. So we will have a wide variety of courses under his name, and his mother will help us design that. “

Hawkins said she was grateful for the community support that surrounded Hughan’s family during this time, including Paterniti’s contributions.

“She just felt like she had to do something like the rest of us,” she said, adding that Paterniti had also helped light up town hall with Hughan’s favorite colors.

Hawkins said the Go Fund Me campaign is still active but is not affiliated with Infinity. She said it was put together by a family friend to help relieve stress and worries after the accident.

“I don’t think anyone thought it would take off like it did,” she said. “It’s wonderful for them to be able to take time off from work. The community wanted to do something, so I’m so glad someone put this in place. Infinity isn’t really tied to that – we just helped promote it. It’s just nice to see the whole community, even the people who didn’t know Sara, Lexy and Jeff, especially the parents, recognize that this is the worst and that they are doing something to help.

Hawkins said it was a way for Infinity and other members of the community to help with a memorial fund for Hughan.

Missy Paterniti, a member of the local community, said she returned to the area in 2019 and tried to do good things in the community. This fundraising is just one of the ways she tries to support and care for the community.

“I know Lexy’s parents, so when I found out about this tragedy, I wanted to help keep the memory of this angel alive.” said Paterniti. “My mom loved music, and so did Lexy, helping to raise that money for Infinity Visual and Performing Arts seemed like the right thing to do.”

Tickets for the raffle are $ 20 apiece and will be available at, at Infinity, located at 301 E. Second Street Suite 101 in Jamestown, or at Sneakers at 100 Harrison Street in Jamestown. The draw will take place on January 27. For more information, please call 716-664-0091.

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