Annie Agar: NFL reporter apologizes for old ‘racial’ comments about Colin Kaepernick

Popular sports journalist Annie Agar issued an apology on Monday, February 12, after her past tweets showed her slamming Colin Kaepernick using racial remarks.

Annie Agar works as an NFL and college football reporter for Bally Sports and has apologized for her “insensitive” and “racial” comments. Agar tweeted his selfie on Feb. 20, the first Sunday of the NFL offseason, and captioned it: “It’s Sunday and no one is playing football I guess we all feel like Jags fans today.” Soon his followers were responding to it with screenshots of his old “insensitive” and “racial” tweets.


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She wrote in her tweet: “I want to apologize for the insensitive tweets from my past. Agar added, “They were written when I was a teenager and don’t reflect who I am today. I have the utmost respect for the athletes and teams I cover. I hope you can forgive me as a teenager and we can start laughing together again.”

Tweets from 2013 to 2016 were her take on Kaepernick, where she asked him to stand up during the national anthem. She also criticized former MLB pitcher Felix Hernandez in 2013 for wearing his hat inappropriately to the side, “It’s baseball, not the hood.” In another post from 2014, she mentioned that NFL players would soon be in jail.

One of the users posted screenshots of his tweets.

The reporter has over 300,000 Twitter followers and her LinkedIn profile says she has worked with Bally Sports since May 2021. She has also worked as a reporter for Wood TV8.

Annie Agar has been famous for quite some time. The reporter was hired by Bally Sports and reported on the National Football League and College Football in May 2021. She is also popular for her TikTok videos which went viral in 2020. The reporter created videos wearing several team jerseys in different sports scenarios. She also impersonated the coaches in her viral videos.

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