Arch Manning could earn more in college than uncles Eli and Peyton Manning from their first NFL contracts

Quarterbacks have made the biggest money in football for decades, but guys like Eli and Peyton Manning had to wait until they turned pro. The paradigm changed this month when the NCAA began letting athletes profit from their popularity. Some college stars will earn a lot more than others, but Arch Manning’s arrival on a campus in 2023 could take prosperity to a new level.

His golden arm and the family’s football credentials could make absurd money for the teenager before he throws his first Division I touchdown pass.

Name, image and likeness translate into money

NCAA rules and a series of state laws that came into effect on July 1 allow college athletes to take advantage of deals they make for their name, image and likeness. It’s a big first step towards ending the farce of the big conference schools that generate over $ 100 million a year, pay coaches seven figures and tell athletes they can’t benefit beyond the constraints of their purses.

Taking more advantage of his famous father’s name (Master P) than his own unproven Division I skills, first-year Tennessee State basketball player Hercy Miller has already signed a brand ambassador contract with Web Apps America, renowned for worth $ 2 million.

Miami Hurricanes quarterback D’Eriq King has signed with a speakers bureau, is preparing to enter the non-fungible token niche and has agreed to launch a clothing line, according to ESPN.

Fresno State basketball twins Haley and Hanna Caviinder, who cultivated huge social media followers and became TikTok stars, flew to New York City to sign a sponsorship deal with Boost Mobile.

Think of them as warm-up acts for Arch Manning.

Arch Manning could earn more than Uncles Eli and Peyton Manning

Eli Manning’s first NFL contract to come out of Tennessee in 1998 was $ 48 million over six years. Six years later, little brother Eli signed for $ 45 million over six seasons after a career with Ole Miss. The era of mega-contracts ended with collective agreement changes after fellow quarterback Sam Bradford landed $ 78 million over six years in 2010. Rookie Trevor Lawrence is in line for a comfortable 36 , $ 8 million over four years when he signs this month.

Veteran sports affairs reporter Darren Rovell monitored the first deals college athletes signed under the new name, image and likeness opportunities. He thinks this is just a change from what Arch Manning can land when he leaves high school in 2023.

Uncle Peyton Manning was making an average of $ 8 million a year on his rookie contract, and Uncle Eli Manning $ 7.5 million. Rovell projects Arch Manning to reach the eight-figure level before entering campus.

“Arch Manning, I could see he could make $ 10 million as a freshman in college,” he told Dan Patrick. “Everyone that had Peyton and Eli is going to want to sign it. There’s really no one coming up now. When you say, ‘Who’s the guy that’s going to go to college and blows up this thing? is the guy I can think of, but he has two years left.

Arch Manning is a high school star in Louisiana

Being the nephew of two longtime NFL quarterbacks, not to mention the grandson of another, Arch Manning is getting a lot of attention for a QB who has just completed his sophomore year of high school. However, notoriety would always come to him based solely on merit. Several recruitment services rank him among the best prospects of the 2023 class.

Manning plays Isidore Newman School quarterback in New Orleans. He already attends camps run by Power 5 schools and makes unofficial campus visits. According to 247 Sports, Manning already holds a dozen non-binding scholarship offers.

Between tuition and room and board, a college scholarship could easily be worth $ 50,000 per year. If Rovell is right, however, it will be a pocket change for Manning in just two years.

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