Baker Mayfield jersey sales lag behind Tebow’s

The reason has left the building, as Tim Tebow jerseys now sell for more than Baker Mayfield jerseys.

According to the NFL Authorized Merchandiser, Fanatics, Tim tebow The jerseys are listed as their No. 1 seller among NFL jerseys in the world, overtaking everyone, including Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns.

Tebow jerseys are also No. 1 in Major League Baseball, and Tim Tebow has never even played in Major League Baseball. Baker Mayfield is eighth, behind Tebow, Justin Fields, Tom brady, Patrick mahomes, Trevor Lawrence, Joe Burrow and Dak Prescott. It’s crazy.

Young players and players with new teams usually do well because people have already bought their Mahomes or Baker jerseys, so that doesn’t mean Tebow is actually more popular than Mayfield, but even so, it’s totally. crazy. And what should we do with Tebow as the No. 1 in baseball jersey sales?

If people are wondering why the Jacksonville Jaguars were stupid enough to put a misguided player on their 90-man roster, maybe part of the answer was they thought they could win millions of dollars. by doing so. They were so right.

Ticket revenue, TV revenue, national attention, all this madness is worth the money, especially if your team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The rest of the NFL want them to behave well, fold and turn for the other 31 teams and lose calmly and peacefully. This sounds like a great idea if you live outside of Jacksonville.

But, if you’re Jacksonville, why do what bullies want you to do? Are you just going to hand over your lunch money to the playground bully every day? Certainly not.

Instead, make some noise, get the fans on your side, be the national talking point. In the process, remove some of Trevor Lawrence’s TV cameras, who really doesn’t need all that media scrutiny anyway.

This fan loves Tim Tebow, follows him on social media, listens to what he has to say and finds him a positive and very sympathetic person, but really can’t explain why there is such crazy following for him , or conversely why. a lot of other people hate him so much. It must be that America has bipolar disorder.

Tebow is just a regular guy who led a team to a national championship in college and ran like a fullback and threw soccer balls that looked like injured ducks. In fact, they seemed to be making quacking noises as they passed.

Even so, it’s far better than anything most of us have ever done. Among the pros, he’s won more starts than he lost, and he’s even started and won a playoff game. What the hell.

People who don’t appreciate the fact that he has so many second chances should quarterback a soccer team at the national championship themselves, so they too can get an unfair second chance from their coach.

In the meantime, this fan will not buy a Tebow jersey, whether baseball or football, thank you very much. Baker Mayfield is my team’s quarterback. Connor Davis is the tight end of the Browns. Maybe I would prefer a Connor Davis jersey because he could really be part of the team as a tight end blocking the race.

In the long run, reason will prevail and the Baker Mayfield jerseys will far exceed the Tim Tebow jerseys.

For now, however, the NFL world is crazy for Tim Tebow. Jacksonville Jaguars fans can’t be blamed for enjoying it while it lasts, but at some point they will have to play football.

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