Bengals to wear black home uniforms in Super Bowl LVI against Rams

The black jersey is the Bengals’ standard home top, the one they paired with both sets of white pants as well as their black pants. Cincinnati chooses the white pants with orange stripes and matching orange socks for a look reminiscent of the uniform the Bengals wore in their very first Super Bowl appearance, Super Bowl XVI, in the 1981 season.

Cincinnati’s choice makes for an aesthetic association with the Super Bowl LVI logo, which matches the Bengals’ orange almost perfectly. But uniform history might not be on the Bengals’ side. The Bengals have worn black in one Super Bowl and white in another, and lost them both to the San Francisco 49ers, meaning the choice doesn’t matter much based on the franchise history.

But when it comes to all Super Bowl attendees, those wearing traditional road uniforms have an advantage. Teams wearing white jerseys have won 14 of the last 17 Super Bowls, with the only winning teams wearing colored jerseys being the Packers (XLV), Eagles (LII) and Chiefs (LIV). Tampa Bay chose to wear white as their home team last season in Super Bowl LV and emerged victorious in their home at Raymond James Stadium.

Fans who wanted the Bengals to adopt their all-white look will have to settle for seeing them play in this uniform in the AFC Championship Game last weekend. As the designated Super Bowl LVI home team, the Bengals had the first uniform choice. Cincinnati’s black selection means the Rams will have to stray from the royal and ground combination they’ve worn in each of their three playoff wins, but that Is it that put them in the historically advantageous position of being the team dressed in white.

In a perfectly uniform world, the Rams would be allowed to wear their modern throwback introduced before the start of this season in an effort to honor the only Rams team to win a Lombardi Trophy: the 1999 St. Louis Rams, known as the greatest spectacle on grass.

Turns out Wednesday was one of those perfect days in LA

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