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ESPN’s Chris Fowler’s viewing of Penn State football ran the gamut.

From rooting for “some of Joe Paterno’s most boring teams” in the ’70s, to returning to where he grew up watching college football this weekend for his “favorite annual event,” the Longtime college football announcer has seen it all.

And yet, despite the poor quality of the teams and the less-than-dynamic attacks that often took the field at Beaver Stadium on Saturday in the mid-’70s, seeing those games is what made Fowler addicted to the sport.

“My first glimpse into college football was as a son of a faculty member. We got $ 6 season tickets – that was the full price for the season – and we got to see college football. “said Fowler. had this experience i don’t know if i would be down this path as i grew up in illinois and haven’t seen varsity sport in person. So coming to Penn State opened my eyes and kind of sparked my passion for the sport. “

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Almost 50 years later, Beaver Stadium is home to one of college football’s best experiences – the Penn State White Out game, set to take place this weekend – where all 110,000 fans wear white at Beaver Stadium. for a fight of “monochrome chaos,” as Fowler described it.

But the atmosphere that now envelops the central Pennsylvania cathedral of college football is a far cry from what Fowler has seen grow up.

“Even though Beaver Stadium has changed a lot since I went there as a kid, I still have a special feeling to come back to this place,” Fowler told media Thursday ahead of the iteration of White Out vs. Auburn. “It wasn’t one of the loudest college crowds in the 1970s.

That has changed in recent years, however, and that’s in large part because of White Out.

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“I don’t think you would have said that Penn State was one of the toughest environments for a road team back when I was there, but I think it is now,” Fowler said. “As the stadium grew and the student section grew and the students, I think, over the years have kind of taught the regular fans how to get involved in the game in every game and how to play. a role in the outcome making it a very difficult environment. That’s what I think White Out was partly responsible for. “

The Nittany Lions are 2-0 on the season and did not host a White Out last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sporting News has everything you need to know about the tradition, which has become one of the hallmarks of college football every year.

How did Penn State’s White Out tradition begin?

In the early 2000s, Penn State was in trouble.

From 2000 to 2005, the Nittany Lions recorded just two winning seasons and the fan base needed to be reinvigorated.

So one day in 2004, during the throes of the downturn at State College, the former Penn State Director of Football Communications and Branding, Guido D’Elia approached Joe Paterno about the idea. of a White Out.

Originally intended only for students, it eventually grew into a full stadium affair, with the help of Fowler’s friend D’Elia.

“I think it was a very inspired idea. I love how it developed organically from something just for students, then the whole stadium, down the story, the fans. sort of asked for it and then they made it happen in a really kind of restraint, “Fowler said.” They didn’t want to overplay it, overdo it, they wanted to keep it special and rare, and once a season and reserve it for a big game. “

The first official White Out was on October 9, 2004 against No. 9 Purdue in a game Penn State lost 20-13. The first White Out of all stadiums came three years later in 2007 against Notre Dame.

Since then, the annual lore, now in its 17th season, has grown into one of the sport’s most prominent shows, and Fowler said it’s hard to describe.

“Once you see it in person for the first time, you can really appreciate it,” Fowler said. “It looks phenomenal on TV and I call it the most telegenic experience in sport, because it’s a night game and the stadium is lit by everyone dressed in white, the lights of artifice and game operations – everything is beautifully executed. “

Why Penn State doesn’t wear white uniforms during White Out

While most inside Beaver Stadium will be decked out in white, James Franklin’s team themselves will likely wear their classic blue uniforms with white numbers, white pants, and black shoes when they step onto the pitch. against Auburn.

The uniforms, none of which have a name on the back, have become synonymous with Penn State over the years and although Penn State wears white jerseys, it’s never within the confines of Beaver Stadium, even for a White Out. .

The reason, in essence, concerns the NCAA rules regarding dress codes for away teams, which must wear white unless the home team receives express written consent before the start of the season.

Penn State Record in White Out Games

There have been 16 White Outs at Beaver Stadium so far since 2004, and none took place last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Penn State is 8-8 in the White Outs and played one of the states of Michigan or Ohio in each White Out from 2012 to 2019

Dated Opponent Results
October 9, 2004 # 9 Purdue L, 21-13
October 8, 2005 Ohio State # 6 F, 17-10
October 14, 2006 # 4 Michigan L, 17-10
September 8, 2007 our Lady F, 31-10
September 27, 2008 No. 22 Illinois F, 38-24
September 26, 2009 Iowa L, 21-10
October 30, 2010 Michigan W, 41-31
September 10, 2011 Alabama # 3 L, 27-11
October 27, 2012 Ohio State # 9 L, 35-23
October 12, 2013 # 18 Michigan W, 43-40 (4OT)
October 25, 2014 Ohio State # 12 L, 31-24 (2OT)
November 21, 2015 # 14 Michigan L, 28-16
October 22, 2016 Ohio State # 2 O, 24-21
October 21, 2017 # 19 Michigan W, 42-13
September 29, 2018 Ohio State # 4 L, 27-26
October 19, 2019 # 16 Michigan F, 28-21
2020 No whiteout N / A

The Nittany Lions are averaging 24.8 points per game in the White Outs and this year is only the third non-conference clash for the White Out after Alabama in 2011 and Notre Dame in 2007.

Best moments of the game White Out

October 22, 2016: against number 2 in the state of Ohio

Arguably the defining victory of James Franklin’s career and Penn State’s last decade of football, the Nittany Lions then eliminated the No. 2 Ohio State at home thanks to a field goal blocked by Marcus Allen who then sent the ball to Grant Haley, who picked it up and scored as they held on to win 24-21 despite being 19.5-point underdogs at home.

The game, whose game with just over four minutes to go, won it for Penn State as the Nittany Lions won the fourth quarter 17-0 after falling 21-7 after the first half. Following the victory, fans stormed the field after the final whistle and riots broke out in downtown State College.

It was the first ranked victory of James Franklin’s career and also the first road loss for the Buckeyes under Urban Meyer.

October 12, 2013: against No.18 from Michigan

The longest game in Big Ten history, Penn State hosted Michigan’s No.18 and ultimately beat the Wolverines 43-40 in quadruple overtime after a touchdown from Bill Belton ended the game.

The game was tied at 34 heading into the initial overtime period, where neither team scored. After exchanging field goals in the second overtime and neither team scored in the third OT, Bill Belton ultimately ended on a transfer from quarterback Christian Hackenberg, scoring the touchdown winner.

After a 42-22 loss at Bloomington to Indiana the previous week, then Penn State coach Bill O’Brien said at the time he was “crazy to expect what it’s just another game, “because the game was both the homecoming game and the White Out for the Nittany Lions.

O’Brien had lost his first White Out the year before when Penn State fell to then No. 9 Ohio State 35-23, but O’Brien left his mark and won his last White Out in walkoff mode.

October 21, 2017: against No.19 from Michigan

Easily Penn State’s most dominant White Out to date, the Nittany Lions beat Michigan 42-13 to lead their season-opening winning streak to seven games.

Ranked No. 2 in the country, a better schedule under James Franklin, Penn State had just had two back-to-back dominant wins over Indiana and Northwestern and the Nittany Lions wasted no time and got off to a very hot start against Michigan.

Star running back Saquon Barkley opened the game with a 69-yard touchdown in under a minute, his first of three touchdowns in total of the day and his first of two rushing touchdowns in four minutes in the first quarter. .

Quarterback Trace McSorley also contributed two rushing touchdowns and added another in the air, pushing Penn State to 7-0 this season, before losing their next two, then winning to end the season. 11-2 with a possible Fiesta Bowl victory over Washington.

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The 10 best college football uniforms for the 2021 season so far Fri, 17 Sep 2021 21:39:17 +0000

The college football season is only two weeks old and teams are already showing off a wide variety of exciting new uniforms. From bright LED prime-time lights to lesser-known NCAA programs, schools have stepped up in the fashion department in recent years.

Potential recruits are wowed by schools like Oregon – which has set the bar in the arms race for equipment – which showcase a variety of looks each year. Traditional power programs like Alabama rarely change it, but every iconic look has its place.

As Nike and Adidas dominate the college football uniform landscape, Jordan has become a legitimate option. Programs like Florida and North Carolina recently made deals with the famous shoe brand – and it resulted in some really great outfits.

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From new take on traditional looks to new substitutes, here are the 10 best college football uniforms yet.

Since the 2021 season is still in its early stages, some uniform combinations that a team can wear on a regular basis are included. However, every entry into the top 10 debuted this year.

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Jersey Shore Board Takes Action on Personnel Matters | News, Sports, Jobs Fri, 17 Sep 2021 06:31:43 +0000

JERSEY SHORE – The Jersey Shore School Board took action on a number of staffing issues and other issues at its regular monthly meeting this week.

The board of trustees approved Abbie Allison for the position of secretary of Salladasburg Elementary School for 10 months at an annual salary of $ 32,264. Hiring is effective upon receipt of an up-to-date authorization.

The Board has adjusted the position of Buildings and Grounds Secretary to Level 3 Secretary at a salary of $ 38,239 in accordance with non-contractual rates of pay currently in effect.

In other staff moves, the board has approved Holly Lehman, full-time paraprofessional, college, $ 17,359 per year; Jessica Lowe, part-time paraprofessional, Jersey Shore area elementary school, $ 9.42 per hour; Michelle Matter, part-time food service position, Salladasburg Elementary School, $ 10.35 per hour; and Alexius Reighard, part-time food service substitute, $ 9 an hour.

Kyle Thiel was approved as a bus driver and Kathryn Bilby as a bus helper.

The Board of Directors approved the following as coaches: Matthew Hartman, Middle School Cross Country Director, $ 2,361; Brett Herbst, director of college softball, $ 2,640; and Bernice Hale, college assistant, $ 1,539.

The resignations of Chris Lorson as the college’s head softball coach and Mindy Gunn as the college’s head cross-country coach have been accepted by the board.

The board approved contracts with Bright and Beautiful Day Care and Your Guardian Preschool and Childcare for preschool programs and services for children.

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New Jersey bounces back with August sportsbook handful Thu, 16 Sep 2021 22:27:51 +0000
New Jersey bounces back with August sportsbook handful

© United States Today

After a declining July, sports betting in New Jersey rebounded in August.

New Jersey sports betting was up $ 664.7 million, up 14.9% from $ 578.7 million in July.

Compared to a year ago, the August 2021 total was down 0.5% from 2020’s $ 668 million.

New Jersey’s record this year came in January when the state took $ 958.7 million in bets.

March was the second largest month with $ 859.6 million. The state’s all-time sports betting record arrived in December 2020 when New Jersey totaled $ 996.3 million.

For the month of August, New Jersey recorded $ 52 million in sports betting revenue, down 5.4% from July’s $ 55 million, according to figures released by the Division of Gaming Enforcement. New Jersey.

Mobile made up the majority of bets with $ 612.9 million online, up 15.8% from July’s $ 529.4 million. The online market accounted for 92.2% of the state’s sports betting market in August.

New Jersey sports betting, August vs July

Total handle Movable handle Returned
August $ 664,676 million $ 612.867 million

$ 52.023 M

July $ 578.729 M $ 529.434 M

$ 54.966 million

Switch Up 14.9% Up 15.8% Down 5.4%

New Jersey sports betting, August 2021 vs August 2020

Total handle Movable handle Returned
August 2021 $ 664,676 million $ 612.867 million

$ 52.023 M

August 2020 $ 667.979M $ 601.942 M

$ 39.507 M

Switch Down 0.5% Up 1.8% Up 31.7%

Total New Jersey gaming revenue was $ 427.7 million for August, down 5.1% from $ 450.6 million in July, but up 31% from the total of 326 , $ 3 million in August 2020.

The state’s online casino win was $ 113.2 million, down 4.6% from July’s $ 118.7 million and up 29% from the win of $ 87.8 million as of August 2020.

Busiest state of New Jersey in week 1 of the NFL season

According to data from GeoComply Solutions Inc., New Jersey is ready for a big handful of sports betting for September. New Jersey led all states in total trading volume during the NFL’s opening weekend. From the opening of the NFL season Thursday between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys until Sunday night, New Jersey recorded 12.5 million geolocation transactions. Pennsylvania was second at 11.5 million.

GeoComply has recorded data on geolocation transactions in 18 states and the District of Columbia. In total, GeoComply recorded 58.2 million geolocation transactions, an increase of 126% over the same period of the 2020 NFL season.

“Preparing for this NFL season has been a process that started before the end of last season, and we expected high volumes, but what we saw surprised us nonetheless,” said Lindsay Slader, general manager of games for GeoComply. “The data tells a remarkable story about the growth of the industry over a short period of time. This success is a credit to all of our customers and state regulators, who have worked tirelessly to prepare for the start of the new NFL season. “

Press articles on betting

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Maxim Gambles on sports betting Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:03:18 +0000

Maxim diversifies his business model from cover girl to player.

Maxim became the latest media company to expand into sports betting and iGaming with its online betting platform MaximBet.

MaximBet, majority owned and operated by Malta-based online gaming company Carousel Group, launched in Colorado earlier this month and the company said on Tuesday it would expand to Ohio.

Maxim, who is owned by entrepreneur Sardar Biglari through his publicly traded company Biglari Holdings, licensed his brand in a multi-million dollar deal with Carousel Group earlier this year. Carousel Group is licensed in Colorado through a partnership with a small local casino in Cripple Creek. MaximBet will eventually expand to Indiana, Iowa and New Jersey, where Carousel has partnered deals with Caesars Entertainment.

In addition to a multi-million dollar payment for the rights to use the name Maxim, Carousel also gave the publisher a minority stake in the online gambling business.

Founded by CEO Daniel Graetzer in 2017, Carousel Group is known for its flagship product The licensing agreement to form MaximBet is the company’s attempt to differentiate itself in a crowded sports betting market that includes major players like DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM, Wynn Resorts as well as other media brands like Sports Illustrated and Barstool Sports.

“We’ve spent quite a bit of time researching partnerships that will give us brand recognition in the market,” says Graetzer. “It’s an absolute change for us to be able to create what we believe to be a unique space in the market. “

This unique space, says Graetzer, is the “Maxim lifestyle,” which he describes as ambitious and characterized by celebrities, VIPs, influencers and “amazing parties”. MaximBet’s first party will be in Denver on Halloween day, and Maxim will have his annual Super Bowl party in Los Angeles in February.

Kai Olderog, senior vice president of operations at Maxim, said the company expects gaming to be a bigger part of the company’s future. “Sports betting is big business,” says Olderog. “We hope and anticipate that sports betting is an important part of our future.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Maxim has been tempted to enter the gaming world. In the early 2000s, long before Biglari owned the company, Maxim and a developer in Southern California announced their business. intends to open a hotel-casino in Las Vegas. However, the deal fell apart.

Maxim follows other media brands in the world of vices in order to diversify its income. Sports Illustrated, the 67-year-old media company owned by Authentic Brands Group, struck a deal in June with an online gambling company to launch its mobile sports betting app. (SI Sportsbook also launched in Colorado earlier this month and will expand to Indiana, Iowa, and New Jersey over the next few months.)

In May, The Associated Press struck a deal with FanDuel to make the sports betting company its exclusive provider of sports odds in AP’s World Sports Reports. In August, the Wall Street Journal reported that Disney-owned ESPN is in talks to explore a possible brand licensing deal with Caesars Entertainment or DraftKings that could be worth $ 3 billion.

The sports betting industry is on fire and there is a lot of money to be made. Americans wagered $ 1.85 billion with legal sports betting in the first half of 2021, according to data from the American Gaming Association. This year has already passed last year when Americans bet $ 1.53 billion. By 2030, Macquarie Research says the same market could be worth $ 30 billion.

On Tuesday, Carsten Koerl, founder and CEO of Switzerland-based Sportradar, which helps sports leagues compile data such as gaming statistics to distribute to media companies and betting operators, became a billionaire after his company was shut down. went public on the Nasdaq.

Granted, Carousel is still a small startup in a market dominated by multi-billion dollar companies. In April, it raised a $ 50 million Series A funding round from a subsidiary of Chinese steel pipe company ZK International Group Co., Ltd. for a valuation of $ 200 million.

As for Maxim, which Biglari bought through Biglari Holdings for around $ 12 million in 2014, gambling represents a new source of income in a struggling industry. Maxim generated $ 709,000 in revenue in the second quarter of 2021, up from $ 982,000 in the first quarter.

In its quarterly report, Biglari Holdings said it bought Maxim with “the idea of ​​transforming its business model” by creating “non-magazine” revenue, through “the licensing of a cash-generating business linked to the products of consumption, services and events “. The deal with Carousel is just that.

But Maxim doesn’t stop at sports betting. It is also pursuing other trends to diversify its income, including the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens.

“We just launched MaximNFT, which will feature NFTs from people who make pop culture including musicians, artists, celebrities and sports stars, as well as our own NFTs,” Olderog said.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore to wear blue jersey in honor of Covid Warriors Tue, 14 Sep 2021 06:48:02 +0000

To honor the covid-19 warriors, the IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise will wear the blue jersey in the opening game of their UAE stage on September 20 when they face the Kolkata Knight Riders.

“At RCB, we are honored to wear the blue kit, which resembles the color of the frontline warriors’ PPE kits, to pay tribute to their invaluable service while leading the fight against the Covid pandemic,” RCB tweeted on Tuesday. .

Over the years, RCB has worn the green jersey during a game over the course of a season to show their support for the environment. However, this season it will be for those who have been at the forefront of the war against the coronavirus pandemic.

They were planning to do the same during the Indian leg of IPL 2021, but due to the cases of covid that sprouted up inside various team bio-bubbles, the league came to a screeching halt during the first week of May.

The season will now resume in the United Arab Emirates with the remaining matches being played at three venues like last year. The first game on the restart will see defending champions Mumbai Indians take on the Chennai Super Kings.

The RCB resumes its campaign against the Kolkata Knight Riders.

The Virat Kohli-led franchise will be deprived of several of its foreign stars, including Adam Zampa, Daniel Sams, Finn Allen and Kane Richardson, who have retired for the remainder of the season. On the other hand, versatile Washington Sundar is sidelined due to injury.

However, RCB has signed replacements including Wanindu Hasaranga, Dushmantha Chameera, Tim David, George Garton and Akash Deep.

With five wins and two losses in seven matches, the Royal Challengers are currently third in the points table behind leaders Delhi Capitals and CSK who are second.

Get all IPL and Cricket Score news here

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]]> 0 Girls’ inclusive netball uniforms create positive change on the pitch Sat, 11 Sep 2021 05:09:39 +0000

Although it is more comfortable than the stiff tunic when worn to play netball, research suggests that the modern netball dress may put players off.

Research from a University of Victoria survey reveals that girls feel embarrassed in sports uniforms may be a reason why girls’ sport participation rates are so low, especially compared to boys.

The survey showed that 85 percent of respondents preferred shorts and t-shirts during sports outside of school and 76 percent wanted their sports uniform to make them ready to play.

As the country’s most popular women’s sport is played by more than one million girls, netball plays an important role in girls’ engagement in team sports and physical activity.

Community Netball Leagues and Netball Victoria are working to increase uniform options in the sport in order to retain female players and make girls feel comfortable and confident in playing the sport.

The Traralgon Netball Association has introduced a singlet and shorts netball uniform option. (

Provided: Deb Archer


Different uniform options help

For 11-year-old Sienna Vivian, the choice of donning shorts and a tank top instead of the traditional netball dress was easy.

“As soon as we had the option, I knew I wanted to wear shorts because I was always worried that my dress would fly off,” she said.

“I can always change next season if I didn’t like [the shorts]. “

Sienna found that sometimes when she was wearing the dress she was distracted trying to pull it down.

She said that as a taller player the dress was shorter on her than the other players.

Traralgon netball courts
Community Netball Leagues and Netball Victoria strive to increase uniform options in the sport.(

Provided: Deb Archer


“The dress didn’t bother me, but because, in general, I’m one of the tallest pieces in my age group, the dresses are often short, which would make me a little embarrassed,” said Sienna said.

Although there are two other girls who wear shorts on her team, Sienna says she made the decision on her own and is grateful that her association allowed her to choose.

Given the disrupted season, it was before the last COVID lockdown that Sienna played her first game in her new uniform.

Re-engage girls in sport

Given the disruption to community sport over the past 18 months, Traralgon Netball Association President Deb Archer hopes the new uniform options will encourage players to stick with netball.

Netball hoop with ball crossing
A survey found that feeling embarrassed in sports uniforms may be one reason why girls’ participation rates in sports are so low.(

Provided: Deb Archer


With the number of players down from the previous year, the association changed the uniform policy to include shorts and a top, to make the sport more comfortable and affordable.

In addition to financial considerations, she said, in recent years, some parents have reported that their daughters feel embarrassed in the uniform.

“We always kept the flexibility for clubs who wanted to have the pride of the uniform and already had the sets [of uniforms] over there, ”Ms. Archer said.

“So it was well received in all areas.”

Netball Victoria asks for more options

Victoria University survey was a key factor in Netball Victoria’s push towards more uniform options, says Netball Victoria Affiliate Services Manager Jen Camilleri

Netball Victoria writes sample rules that provide a guide to use for each Victorian netball league and association, however, the ultimate decisions regarding uniforms come from the leagues themselves.

The organization hopes that by changing the sample rules and with a coordinated campaign later this year, more community netball leagues will follow suit by offering alternative uniform options.

“We are calling on the administrators and asking the local level to re-evaluate uniform policies to help girls feel comfortable and confident when participating in our sport,” Camilleri said.

Part of the effort has also focused on how clubs can help players who identify as transgender or of various genders feel comfortable playing the sport.

Junior netball players
Netball is the number one participation sport for Australian girls.(

Provided: Netball Victoria


Regional clubs follow suit

The Ellinbank League’s Catani Football and Netball Club are also looking to include new uniform options for next year, including pants and a long-sleeved top to adapt to weather conditions.

“It wasn’t that long ago that we were in Neerim South playing four degrees [Celsius]”said club president Angela Branbury.

While Ms Branbury said the hope of having consistency in what they train and play could improve the performance of players if they are more comfortable.

“It’s kind of a unique situation,” she said.

“Everyone trains in tights or shorts and yet they put on a dress to play.”

While Ms. Branbury says updating the uniform is important to make netball more inclusive for everyone, her netball dress will always have a special place in her heart.

“I’m not the fittest netball athlete there is,” she said.

“I myself am 44 years old and have been playing for a very long time, but I love my dress… it represents the club and my association.”

For Ms. Archer, it’s about keeping as many players involved in the sport as possible.

“I think at the end of the day the uniform doesn’t change the way the game is played,” she said.

“If we can make that as accessible as possible and as easy as possible in a young national league, I think it’s really important.”

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Rugby-Wallabies will have an Aboriginal design on the main jerseys Wed, 08 Sep 2021 07:22:54 +0000

The Wallabies will have an indigenous design on their regular jerseys from the South Africa test on Sunday to “celebrate and recognize the First Nations people” in Australian rugby, the sport’s governing body said on Wednesday.

Artist Dennis Golding’s design will be incorporated into the game numbers on their jerseys for the rugby championship clash against the Springboks on the Gold Coast and in subsequent matches, Rugby Australia said. “This will be the first time that an Australian representative team will wear both the coat of arms and a design of the First Nations in its main game strip,” RA said in a statement.

Australia already have an alternative native jersey with Golding’s artwork that was first worn in the 2017 win over New Zealand in Brisbane. This jersey will be worn for the Rugby Championship test against Argentina in Townsville on September 25.

“Having the First Nations artwork now on our main jersey is something incredibly special,” said Wallabies coach Dave Rennie. “It was the players who championed the idea of ​​a permanent addition to the First Nations, and I’m happy that we were able to find a solution.

Fourteen native Australians played test rugby, including the famous Ella brothers. Utility full-back Kurtley Beale, who won the last of his 92 caps at the 2019 World Cup in Japan, is the last Indigenous Australian to play for the Wallabies, although uncapped winger Andy Muirhead is part of the team. ‘Rennie’s Rugby Championship team.

“Having something like this on the jerseys every week is a big step forward,” ACT Brumbies’ Muirhead, an Australian aboriginal, told reporters on the Gold Coast on Wednesday. “That the boys can go out every week and show off Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture is pretty special.”

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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Ready for football | Jersey Building Marion Roll | Sports Sat, 04 Sep 2021 05:10:12 +0000

Justin Walker in the South

Marion – On the night of wearing a military jersey, Marion Wildcats showed off aggressive firepower on Route 64-29 at Jersey High School at Wildcat Stadium.

Evan Noel threw four touchdowns and Benson Newsom scored three as Marion took a 22-point lead and had a stopwatch to win the Patriot Nights game throughout the second half.

Marion is 2-0 at the start of the season, but Jersey lost 1-1 after a big win over Granite City in week one.

“The kids did what we asked them to do,” said Marion coach Kellie Martin. “They played with a lot of energy and a lot of fire. It was a great team effort and it was the most important thing for me. It was a really, really strong team effort and a lot of people contributed. low. “”

The Panthers got the ball first, but after an acrobatic interception from Walker Fox the ball was passed to Marion and helped Lucas Shram move the chain, the result was 27 from Noel to Newsom. It was a touchdown strike from the yard.

Clayton Tanner’s blockbuster forced Fumble and Punt to take Jersey’s next possession, and Newsom returned the punt for 53 yards for a touchdown. Another Panthers fumble, recovered by Mason Norris, led to a two-yard dive by Brodillason, the Wildcats leading 22-0, leaving 3:52 in the first quarter. I did.

Ready for football | Jersey Building Marion Roll | Sports

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Chamarri Conner receives No.25 jersey for UNC opening Wed, 01 Sep 2021 13:15:17 +0000
(Photo: Scooter Waller, 247Sports)

Virginia Tech Hokies Defensive Back Chamarri Conner received the No. 25 jersey for the team’s game against the No. 10 North Carolina on Friday night. It is the third time in his career that he has received the jersey. The other two chances came against Wake Forest in 2020 and North Carolina in 2018.

The 2020 All-ACC Honorable Mention has been a mainstay of Virginia Tech high school since 2019. Since then, Conner has started 24 games at the Nickel position. Last season, he led Virginia Tech with 81 total tackles (60 solo tackles). He compiled 3.5 tackles for losses, 2 interceptions, 4 interrupted passes, 4 rushed quarterbacks and a forced fumble. In total, Conner compiled 162 total tackles, 13.5 tackles for a loss, 5.5 sacks and 3 interceptions.

He was named one of the 2021 team captains last week.

During the offseason, Conner changed his jersey to No.1 from No.22. This change will have to wait until the following week to be revealed in a live soccer match after receiving Beamer’s jersey. .

At the start of the 2016 season, the head coach Justin fuente announced that a Special Teams Player of the Week will be selected to wear the No.25 in tribute to the coach Frank beamer and his legacy of excellence from the special teams he established for the Hokies.

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