Cowboys Micah Parsons: Wait Until We’re “Free”

ARLINGTON – Micah Parsons … Unleashed?

The Dallas Cowboys rookie first-round linebacker, who is more than just a linebacker, won Saturday’s 20-14 loss in the NFL at AT&T Stadium. This was revealed throughout the first half, just as has been revealed since joining DFW as the team’s first-round pick in the NFL Draft.

And some “non-vanilla” things have also been revealed here in terms of its role.

“You never know if I’m coming or coming back,” Parsons said. “Also, we have guys like D-Law and Greg (DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory) who are going to be playing this year and being one-on-one. It will be good.

“Everyone wins their one on one and you just make a game.”

It might not be that easy. But it’s correct to note that Parsons is a first-team linebacker, a Nickel linebacker (one of the two), a guy who can line up at the end and rush the passer, a guy who can pass into the cover and play on the Ball …

“I feel like I wasn’t even completely ready yet,” he said. “I have the impression that the leash is still in place.

“But we’re going to let him go soon.”

“Coming soon” means September 9 in Tampa Bay during the NFL regular season opener. Otherwise, Parsons is surely over for exhibition season, even if there is a game (Jacksonville here at AT&T Stadium next week) to play.

This is therefore what will have to be done. Demonstrated versatility. Demonstrated athletics. The innate ability to have teammates much more seasoned than him to rally to the kid as a leader.

And seven points awarded over the entire first half.

“Our defense had a good night,” said Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy.

They showed a little something. Parsons is happy to show more.

“We’re just very limited right now, not trying to show off too much and things like that,” he said. “I’m just biting my tongue because I know what we’re really capable of.”

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