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The newly unveiled home and away uniforms of the Carolina Disco Turkeys take inspiration from a variety of uniforms from the disco era – around the 1970s and 80s – with an overall aesthetic that is best described as funky.

“The home jersey is heavily inspired by the iconic 1974 Braves uniforms worn by home run king Hank Aaron,” said Brittain Peck, the North Carolina-based illustrator and designer who created the uniforms, quoted on l ‘team. website. “Wanting to make our sleeve feather our own, we referred to the recognizable ‘eye’ of a peacock feather and bands of color.”

The Braves weren’t the only disco era team to inspire the distant look. Fans of the 1976 Cleveland Indians and 1982 Astros might take note of the chest lettering.

“From the Cleveland jersey, we loved that this lettering isn’t afraid to be big and take up space, stretching almost from armpit to armpit,” said Peck. “From the Houston jersey, we loved the bold, geometric simplicity that feels like it can be read on the plate from the outfield. With those two inspirations we added the disco sparkle and felt like it was ours.

The away jerseys evoke a classic look of the era, the beloved powder blue used by many teams.

“We loved the many examples of powder blue jerseys worn in the ’70s and’ 80s, but especially the Cardinals, Phillies and Twins,” said Peck.

The storyline was influenced by the 1987 Mets outdoor uniform, which Peck said was one of the few years the team wore script letters on their outdoor uniforms.

The Disco Turkeys, a collegiate summer team of the All American Amateur Baseball Association, kick off their season this weekend, with their first home stand in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, starting June 4.

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