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The responsibility ends here. Well, not here, but at least in Iowa, which from 2021-2022 will be home to ECHL’s new expansion team, the Iowa Heartlanders!

Tonight, the Heartlanders announced their name (the aforementioned “Iowa Heartlanders”), unveiled their logos and showed off their color scheme at a ceremony held at the Xtream Arena in Coralville, IA, where the team will take to the ice for. the first time in October. .

“After months of researching and listening to suggestions from thousands of fans, we’re proud to call ourselves the Iowa Heartlanders,” said Dean MacDonald, president of Deacon Sports & Entertainment, the group that owns the team (as well as Newfoundland Growlers and the Trois-Rivières expansion franchise which remains to be named). “The Heartlanders are thrilled to bring professional hockey to Xtream Arena, creating new and exciting traditions both on the ice and in the community as our brand grows this season.

A heartlander is someone who lives in the heart of the country, the heart of the country is usually located, geographically, in the middle of a country and can be seen as the glue that binds the two coasts together. Iowa is located about as much in the middle as you can get in the Americas.

“We have submitted an open submission to fans to share their suggestions with us,” Cody MacDonald told SportsLogos.Net, one of the two creative directors. [along with the similarly-named Chris McDonald] working on this project. “They drew on elements of local and regional pride, which ended up being the origin of the Heartlanders name. We really liked the name and then it was about finding the right brands to go with it and telling the whole story.

The logo goes against what you would expect from a name like Heartlanders, avoiding obvious images like an ear of corn or a farm landscape, and instead presents us with a white-tailed deer, “ready to fight.” in expression, position, and thorny details ”.

“We didn’t want it to be something that was obvious,” said Chris McDonald. “We wanted to give people something they weren’t expecting, and we think that creates a really strong affiliation with the brand, being able to represent people’s connection to the place on the team and a way that may not be obvious. “

While chatting with their partners in Iowa (the Ma / cDonalds work with Deacon Sports & Entertainment, who are all based in Newfoundland), they learned that white-tailed deer are part of life in the heart of the country and that traditions surrounding the deer are passed down. from generation to generation.

“The deer is a white-tailed deer, very common in Iowa. Iowa is known for its big pennies and the amount of it, there may even be more white-tailed deer than there are people in Iowa, ”McDonald recalled. “From talking to our contacts there, we learned that there is a long history of hunting and that the males are seen as the prize game, they are very elusive. It is a family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation, think of mounted antlers, it is therefore much more than the abundance of deer. It is a highly respected animal, and with its deep roots in tradition and game hunting, it represented what we thought was a point of pride for the people of Iowa.

The main brand (as well as the alternative, which we’ll get to in a second) was designed by Brian Gundell, a Florida-based designer who in recent years has been developing the new look of the San Diego Padres, the Sun Belt Conference, and even the new secondary brand for the Seattle Kraken NHL expansion.

“The deer antler crown, adorned with sunrise gold, makes it known that we are the mighty kings of the heart of the country,” the press release for the primary brand read. “For victory against enemies, a golden crown is earned, not given.”

The main color scheme is black, dark gray, light gray, and yellow. An additional color, coral, is incorporated into the alternate logo, a wild meadow rose, the state flower of Iowa.

For the alternative brand, a wild prarie rose (which we assume it will wear on the jersey shoulder) features “heart-shaped coral pink petals and a shining sun.” The club notes that the wild rose prarie blooms every June, which is just when the ECHL playoff championship, the Kelly Cup, is usually awarded.

No, the uniforms aren’t quite ready to be revealed yet. Soon, we hope.

Iowa Heartlanders are 26th team to join the ECHL, a professional hockey league from coast to coast that has been in existence since the 1988-1989 season. Twenty-five NHL teams currently have player affiliation agreements with ECHL clubs which will typically feed their players at AHL clubs as players from the first leg of the tour move through. three stages lead to the National Hockey League.

Season tickets for the Heartlanders’ inaugural season also went on sale today, fans can secure their spot in the “Rose Club” by visiting the team’s official website.

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