Fantasy Soccer NFT Sorare game under investigation by UK Betting Commission

MLB’s all-time hit leader Pete Rose has started hosting a sports betting podcast called “Pete Rose’s Daily Picks,” though he still hopes his lifetime baseball ban will be lifted.

Beginning with the first episode last Thursday, Rose offered betting tips alongside industry broadcaster Ben Wilson. He told viewers to take the Rams (-2.5) against the Seahawks (which turned out to be true) and the Tampa Bay Rays silver line against Boston in the NLDS opener (- 150, which was also found to be true).

“I know what it looks like, and people are going to criticize it,” said Rose, 80. United States today. “But it’s not a game. It’s handicapping. I’m a handicapper … That’s all. It’s happening everywhere. All I do is put my expertise at the service of people who want to. to bet.”

In 1989, Rose was permanently excluded from baseball for betting on games as manager of the Cincinnati Reds. After denying his actions for 15 years, he admitted in 2004 to betting on his Reds teams – but only to win. Since then, MLB has made deals with betting companies such as DraftKings, FanDuel, TheScore and BetMGM, a curious juxtaposition according to Rose.

MLB has a long history of playing against players. Also this week, a signed 1911 photo of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson – banned for life for his alleged role in the 1919 Black Sox scandal – sold at online auction for $ 1.47 million, the highest number ever distributed for a sports photo. Observers say their scandals are what make Jackson and now Rose, both Hall of Fame ineligible, more in the public eye.

“It’s a show featuring my game picks and failures, not just baseball,” said Rose, whose podcast will air six days a week from 20 minutes to an hour. “I will be talking about football, basketball, horse racing, golf and many more.”

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