How to Unlock Clothes in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports took inspiration from other games by offering unlockable cosmetics.

Being able to customize a character or select a specific skin is arguably the number one feature players are looking for in a new release these days. Luckily, this feature is found in Wii Sports’ spiritual successor.

Players can participate in the Play Globally mode and collect points. Points collected from this mode can then be used to unlock all sorts of wonderful clothes.

How to Get Clothing Cosmetics in Nintendo Switch Sports

Players can unlock full outfits, separate clothes, accessories, and even hairstyles. All of these can be obtained through points earned in the Play Globally mode.

It’s as simple as that. Here are the basic ways to earn points that count for cosmetics:

  • Play a match in Play Globally
  • Players will compete against other players or bots live if they don’t have Nintendo Switch Online
  • Earn extra points with multipliers for performing well or unlocking in-match achievements

Points can be earned in any sport in Nintendo Switch Sports. Right now, however, bowling seems to be the best option. A base of 40 points is given each time.

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It is also the easiest sport to earn multipliers. If players can qualify for the final round of bowling, their chances of leaving the game with over 100 points will be very high.

Collecting cosmetics is easy once enough points are earned. Here’s how getting clothes and other cosmetics works:

  • At 100 points in a game, players get a random reward from the style of their choice
  • Use points in the cosmetics shop to unlock clothes, accessories and more
  • Collect all items in a single set to get a special outfit that matches the theme of the set as a completion bonus
  • Check back often as cosmetics come in and out

Nintendo Switch Sports has unlockable cosmetics like progression system and-

Players can currently search through sets with a wide selection of unlockables, which cycles in and out. May 10 will be the last day of the Simple Collection and May 18 will be the last day of the Cute Collection.

After their final days, Collections will be replaced with a whole new set of cosmetics for players to gather. If nothing looks good in either set, you can log your points and see what happens later.

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