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JERSEY SHORE – The Jersey Shore School Board took action on a number of staffing issues and other issues at its regular monthly meeting this week.

The board of trustees approved Abbie Allison for the position of secretary of Salladasburg Elementary School for 10 months at an annual salary of $ 32,264. Hiring is effective upon receipt of an up-to-date authorization.

The Board has adjusted the position of Buildings and Grounds Secretary to Level 3 Secretary at a salary of $ 38,239 in accordance with non-contractual rates of pay currently in effect.

In other staff moves, the board has approved Holly Lehman, full-time paraprofessional, college, $ 17,359 per year; Jessica Lowe, part-time paraprofessional, Jersey Shore area elementary school, $ 9.42 per hour; Michelle Matter, part-time food service position, Salladasburg Elementary School, $ 10.35 per hour; and Alexius Reighard, part-time food service substitute, $ 9 an hour.

Kyle Thiel was approved as a bus driver and Kathryn Bilby as a bus helper.

The Board of Directors approved the following as coaches: Matthew Hartman, Middle School Cross Country Director, $ 2,361; Brett Herbst, director of college softball, $ 2,640; and Bernice Hale, college assistant, $ 1,539.

The resignations of Chris Lorson as the college’s head softball coach and Mindy Gunn as the college’s head cross-country coach have been accepted by the board.

The board approved contracts with Bright and Beautiful Day Care and Your Guardian Preschool and Childcare for preschool programs and services for children.

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