Moorestown lacrosse draws on the power of Katie Buck

MOORESTOWN – Katie Buck changes the math of a game.

The Moorestown junior is not only a good draft control player, she is quickly becoming one of the most dominant forces on the high school lacrosse field. She practically leans the peloton in the direction of the best team in South Jersey.

“Coach Hancock has worked with me over the years just learning the different techniques of the toss,” Buck said. “Honestly, the girls in my circle behind me, they support me whenever I can’t win on my own. There are always others there to get it. We have it right down there. the girls around me. We work so well together. “

Moorestown junior Katie Buck scores a goal against Shawnee

Buck is joined by seniors Margaret Lawler and Dylan Silar for each contested draw control. Designed to be an equal opportunity for either team to take possession of the ball, Buck wins nearly four out of five tries against herself or Lawler and Silar.

On Saturday morning, that dominance resulted in an 11-3 victory over Shawnee. The Quakers turned a slim two-goal margin at halftime into a walkaway. Buck scored twice, but his draw controls were, by far, the most important factor in the game.

“We recruited Katie as a raffle specialist when she was a freshman,” Hancox said. “It was clear to me that she was going to be an exceptional player. She came this season ready to make an impact on the draw and on both ends of the pitch.”

Hancox would know. Long ago, practically in the era of wooden sticks and kilts of wool, Hancox had the same kind of strength on the toss. The coach passed on many of these skills.

“I’ve known Coach Hancock for years,” Buck said. “She showed me good techniques on the draw, little tricks. Anything that doesn’t work, she knows. She knows how to have a plan B and a plan C when things don’t work. Be prepared. to change and to love being coachable. “

Buck is all of these and more.

The score of the box:Moorestown 11, Shawnee 3

After:South Jersey Girls’ Conference All-Stars: Week 1

After:South Jersey High School Girls’ Top 10 Lacrosse: Week 1

“Katie is very competitive,” Hancocx said. “She knows how to work hard. She knows it takes time and effort to really excel at a skill. She’s made a big impression after those first five games. It’s not just that she’s a player. fantastic teammate, too, where she has a good lax IQ.

All of these things have made Buck one of the most impactful players every time she comes on the pitch. His ability to control the game by giving possession to Quakers after possession wears down opponents and energizes teammates.

Moorestown junior Katie Buck listens to coach Colleen Hancox at halftime

“Playing after the game feeling that momentum and feeling that fire inside of you as you flee the field is an incredible feeling. It kind of reflects on the next draw. Just having that momentum, on our backs. . It’s like that. A mental game for me. Honestly, I love my team and they know how to push me hard. “

Buck drinks in all the experiences she can. She can do it knowing that she’s already committed to playing collegially at Rutgers. As dominant as she is now, she’s only getting better.

“I’m getting used to playing at such a high level now,” Buck said. “The freshman year has definitely been a year for me to learn what it takes to play Moorestown Lacrosse and the name on your chest. It is a great honor to be at this center around. every whistle. The girls around me, the upper class men when I was a freshman, taught me what it takes to be a stronger lacrosse player. Now that is my goal as upper class students to reach out to people entering the program and just keep this fire going. “

Moorestown junior Katie Buck drives against Shawnee junior Abby Catalano

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