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Team quarterback Joey Handle IV agrees. “I feel like it’s a business trip because even though we can have fun going back to Ohio where it all started – where we learned to work together as a team – where we made it. smashing your ass in March – that’s redemption, ”said the 11-year-old after recent team training at Aloe Field in Galloway Township.

“I feel good in Ohio, we are going to win!” said Izzy Rowell-Washington, 11, of Atlantic City, who plays the running back and outside linebacker.

“I think it’s really great to be able to play in the Hall of Fame. This season is really cool getting to know everyone from other teams, and I’ve learned a lot more. I’m excited to bring what I learned from this year to my recreational football league, ”said lineman Colin Prokson, 11, of the Dorchester Chapter of Maurice River Township.

“Going to play at the Hall of Fame Stadium is a great experience. I feel like I’m already in the NFL, ”said offensive and defensive lineman Judah Gillespie, 11, of Hamilton Township.

The boys from Egg Harbor Township High School started the season by winning races…

While the players are united in their enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the coaching staff recognize that the year has also been financially costly, with travel costs falling on the backs of parents and coaches.

To get to Ohio, the Vikings will need help. The organization launched a GoFundMe page to help offset the costs of food, accommodation and transportation for the team. About 20 players, their families and supporters are expected to make the trip, said Maria Handle. Corporate sponsorships would be particularly helpful, she said.

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