NFL Week 10 Notes: Patriots and Cowboys both get “A +” for unbalanced wins, Rams get “F” for Monday loss

Any team that dropped Mac Jones in this year’s draft are probably starting to regret it and that’s because the Patriots rookie is starting to look like the best-in-class QB of 2021.

If Jones wasn’t in the offensive Rookie of the Year conversation before Week 10, he’s definitely in the conversation now after leading the Patriots to a resounding 45-7 victory over the Cleveland Browns in what was arguably his best performance of the year.

Jones is clearly getting more comfortable on the court every week, and you can tell, as he seems to be making more daring throws. While his numbers weren’t flashy (he only threw for 198 yards), he grabbed almost every time he threw the ball in a game where he performed. 82.6% of his passes, which was the second-highest total in team history in a game where a QB threw 10 or more passes (And yes, you guessed it, the record is owned by Tom Brady).

Jones started the day completing nine of his first 10 passes for 116 yards and two touchdowns. His first scoring pitch came on a perfect 3-yard pass to Hunter Henry that the defenseman had no chance to stop.

If a 3-yard pass doesn’t impress you, maybe a 23-yard touchdown will.

With the Patriots leading 14-7 at the end of the second quarter, Jones made one of his boldest throws of the day when he decided he was going to try to thread the needle with a pass to Kendrick. Bourne, who was passed by the Browns. . To get the touchdown, a perfect pass and a nice catch were going to be needed and the Patriots got both. The pass below to Bourne capped the Patriots’ first 99-yard TD since 2011.

If the Browns expected Jones to play the role of a game manager who was going to make his way onto the field, they were going to have a rude awakening on Sunday. Jones regularly took risks in the field and his shots were so perfect that Cleveland couldn’t do anything to stop them.

Besides his 23-yard throw to Bourne, Jones also gave a 17-yard pass to Henry in the third quarter that was almost as impressive as the TD to Bourne.

Every week the Patriots give Jones more responsibility and every week he responds with throws like that. Against the Browns, Jones finished with three touchdown passes and no interceptions, which is remarkable because it makes him the Patriots’ first rookie QB since 1960 finish a game with three kills and no interceptions.

With the Patriots now 6-4 and Jones hitting their stride, New England should be a team that scares everyone in the AFC. It’s easy to forget that the Patriots are just two games away from 8-2 (they missed a field goal in the dying seconds against the Buccaneers in Week 4 and they lost a late fumble to the Dolphins. during week 1). The AFC is wide open right now and this Patriots team not only feels like a wild card contender, it looks like a team that could win the AFC East and possibly return to the Super Bowl for. the first time since the 2018 season.

Alright, let’s move on to the ratings for each game in Week 10. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the shocking Dolphins’ victory over the Ravens that came on Thursday, be sure to click here.

New England 45-7 vs. Cleveland

Patriots-Browns Notes by Tyler Sullivan (Love notes? Hate notes? Let him know on Twitter.)

San Francisco 31-10 v LA Rams (Monday)

Indianapolis 23-17 vs. Jacksonville

Buffalo 45-17 NY Jets

Washington 29-19 v Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh tied 16-16 with Detroit

Steelers-Lions Notes by Bryan DeArdo (Love notes? Hate notes? Let him know on Twitter.)

Dallas 43-3 vs. Atlanta

The Cowboys-Broncos Notes by Patrik Walker (Love notes? Hate notes? Let him know on Twitter.)

Tennessee 23-21 v New Orleans

Notes from the Titans-Saints by Jordan Dajani (Love notes? Hate notes? Let him know on Twitter.)

Philadelphia 30-13 vs. Denver

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Green Bay 17-0 v Seattle

Seahawks-Packers Notes by Cody Benjamin (Love notes? Hate notes? Let him know on Twitter.)

Caroline 34-10 vs. Arizona

Minnesota 27-20 vs. LA Chargers

Kansas City 41-14 vs. Las Vegas

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