Rams-Giants could present a confusing uniform clash

Most NFL teams reveal their uniform schedule before the start of the season, indicating the jerseys they will wear to each game. The Rams and Giants were among them, but there seems to be a bit of confusion as to what they’ll wear ahead of their clash this weekend.

As one fan pointed out on Reddit, both teams should wear light-colored jerseys. The Giants will wear their white jerseys with gray pants, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of their Super Bowl XLVI victory. The Rams plan to wear their Bone jerseys, which are essentially off-white.

Whatever pants the Rams wear, be it blue or yellow, it will be a confusing game. Having two teams on the pitch with light-colored jerseys could make it difficult for players on the pitch to tell them apart.

It is possible – even likely – that the Rams will have to change their planned uniforms, since they are the road team. Wearing their royal jerseys will make this a lot more pleasing to the eye, making it a similar suit to what these teams wore when they faced each other last season.

(John Cordes / AP Images for Panini)

The Rams usually announce their uniform set a few days before the game, so we’ll be watching to see which jerseys they actually wear. But if they go with Bone, this game won’t be easy on the eyes.

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