Ranking BYU football uniforms this season

BYU is 5-0 and ranked 13th in the country (with the possibility of a Top 10 this week), including wins over two state rivals and three PAC-12 schools. The Cougars are 16-1 since the start of last season, and they accepted an invitation to join the Big 12 conference last month. Needless to say, it’s been a good year for BYU fans.

It was also a good year for BYU’s player experience department. The Cougars added royal and sea helmets to their uniform repertoire, the SAB locker room was renovated, and players were able to earn money from their name, image and likeness.

Starting in 2020, the BYU Equipment and Player Experience team kicked off a tradition of teasing BYU’s next uniform suit. For many BYU fans, learning about BYU’s next uniform suit is now part of the Monday morning routine.

This season, BYU has worn five different uniforms in five different games this season. Today, I’m classifying the uniforms BYU has worn this season.

5. The classic marine house

Payton Wilgar vs. USF

While these jerseys are far off the list, we should all be thankful for these uniforms. If it weren’t for these, BYU could sport gold on their jerseys in 2021. They’re better than so many uniforms in college football.

4. Royal Rush

Neil Pau'u vs. Royal Arizona Blue
Lopini Katoa against all-royal Arizona

BYU sported the “royal rush” look for the first time against Arizona. This uniform appeared on TV and looked great with royal fans in the stands. However, he faces stiff competition and he didn’t make my top three.

3. All white with royal accents

Isaac Rex BYU vs. Arizona State Whiteout

One of BYU’s best looks. The Cougars improved to 3-0 with a victory over Arizona State # 19 in these uniforms. They also took the lead of PAC-12 South that night.

2. Classic royal house

Tyler Allgeier vs. Utah

These jerseys deserve credit for bringing royal blue back to BYU football. They also looked pretty good in BYU’s first win over Utah since 2009.

1. Classic royal on the outside

Baylor Romney vs. State of Utah
Lopini Katoa v Utah State

The downside to wearing different uniforms every week is that BYU doesn’t wear its best look as often. This uniform approaches uniform perfection and should be worn at least 2-3 times per season.

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