Recruits show new photos and uniforms

FSU football recruiting increased after the Midnight Madness event on Monday morning.

All visitors said they had a great time on campus, and the coaching staff will be looking to build on that momentum in the June football camps.

One of the things the recruits did on campus was photo shoots with alternate uniform colors.

Most FSU football fans don’t like to stray too far from traditional uniforms, but could this uniform jumpsuit be seen this fall?

Five stars engage in styling and profiling Travis Hunter Jr. during his visit.

The uniform suit with FSU’s 4-star AJ Duffy QB isn’t new, but it’s great to see him in the FSU uniform for the first time.

Three-star running back Rodney Hill shows off.

Agreed! I feel those white helmets with the white jersey and pants! It’s crazy how long the wingspan of the four-star TE / WR Jaleel Skinner is. Can you imagine Skinner, Travis Hunter Jr. and Kevin Coleman on the court on the offensive end of the ball at the same time? Dude, listen that would be a problem!

2022 defensive end Aaron Hester would look good to come out of the rim in there! I think the rookies also like the white helmets and the white on white suits. I don’t want to get into the uniform debate because I think it’s silly.

Some fans accuse the FSU of losing games over wearing black jerseys. I’m a former baseball player and superstitious like most baseball players, but it’s crazy to suggest that the program started to suck because of wearing a jersey.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that they win on the pitch, and no one will care what they’re wearing.

However, I think it’s cool that they allow these rookies to take photos in something different from traditional uniforms.

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