Sports gift ideas for Mother’s Day

All I want for the second Sunday in May are temperatures of 75 degrees, a sunny day and zero three putts. And no wind. Is that too much to ask?

Of course, sometimes family members insist on buying gifts for Mother’s Day. In the minds of moms who don’t need extra kitchen gadgets meant to pick up dust in a pantry after a few uses, here are some sports-related ideas.

LPGA Hoodie: Michelle Wie West came up with the idea for an LPGA hoodie based on the successful WNBA orange hoodie campaign. The first print sold out in three hours. The #HoodieForGolf campaign will help raise funds for two important initiatives in honor of great golfer Renee Powell. Established last year, the LPGA Renee Powell Fund provides needs-based grants to LPGA USGA Girls Golf programs to increase girls’ participation in black communities. Powell was the second black woman to participate in the tour and is the Head Professional at her family’s Clearview Golf Club in East Canton, Ohio. $ 75 at

NY Liberty equipment: Thus, the 2021 season reached its lowest point after Sabrina Ionescu fell only three games in the WNBA bubble. But the Liberty is back in Brooklyn and Ionescu is making his long-awaited debut at home. A bunch of options here, although the team’s Black Lives Matter Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt is sold out in most sizes. Best of the rest: ISlide rubber and fabric zipper sandal $ 50 and Sabrina Ionescu # 20 player t-shirt $ 35 at

I have games: I’m excited for both the Gotham NJ-NY NWSL season and the NY Liberty in Brooklyn. Gotham NJ-NY just sold out a Challenge Cup match from its Jersey home at Monmouth State in Montclair and advanced to the league Challenge Cup Tournament final. The television and streaming audience for women’s football and basketball has skyrocketed during the pandemic – and it’s important to keep that momentum going by buying tickets and continuing to watch and support sponsors.

Cycling: Well done to a company that would be a good choice for sports gifts. Trek Bicycle in Saratoga Springs recently fixed my dusty bike with prompt, professional service and their website linked me to a detailed list of trails in the area. Trek also took two youth bikes from my hands and facilitated their donation for reuse at Bikeatoga. In addition, the Saratoga Mountain Bike Association maintains bike paths through donations and memberships, an annual contribution of $ 29.50.

Women’s hockey deserves better

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of women out of the workforce – some of them permanently – in order to take on responsibilities for caring for children and the elderly.

And when it comes to women’s sports, one hugely popular Olympic sport – women’s hockey – suffers from mismanagement linked to COVID.

Michelle Jay, who writes for SB Nation’s The Ice Garden, reported: The US team was in its final preparations for the 2021 World Championships and within a day of boarding a bus for the 500 miles drive from their camp in Portland, Maine, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for their first tournament in two years. Then it all fell apart again. For the second year in a row, the IIHF World Championships have been canceled due to COVID.

Meanwhile, the men’s teams continued to play. The World Junior Boys (U20) took place in a bubble and the IIHF is hosting the U18 men’s tournament in Texas. Both tournaments have been changed from their original plans.

Organizers plan to host the women’s world championships in August, but it is proving difficult to reschedule a tournament featuring 10 nations and players forced to give up their professional responsibilities to train, quarantine and compete.

US National Women’s Hockey Team captain Kendall Coyne Schofield is tired of saying “and even more exhausted to feel it”, but “women’s hockey, again, deserves better.” ESPN’s Emily Kaplin reports.

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  • Professional Football: The New Yorker describes the Gotham NJ-NY women’s football franchise in an article detailing the team’s transformation and how we value women’s sport. It’s a terrific read, especially in light of the squad that clinched a berth in the National Women’s Soccer League Challenge Cup final on Saturday against Portland Thorns FC.

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