The TikTok hack gives a second life to your old clothes: “The most useful tips”

This trick for stretching t-shirts will make shopping a whole lot easier. It takes a little patience, but it can give your old clothes a second life.

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Sometimes a store with cool clothes doesn’t wear your size. Or maybe your last online purchase turned out to be a lot smaller than you expected. Whether you’ve passed your favorite t-shirt or got an undersized one at the thrift store, TikToker @ – who goes by the name of Rich on the platform – has the perfect solution.

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“Being a tall, handsome, and fluffy man isn’t really easy, especially when you go to a merchandise stall and they only have an XL,” Rich explained, showing off a long-sleeved shirt that was more comfortable than he preferred.

First he put the shirt in his washing machine. He set it for a regular spin cycle with cold water. Rich pointed out not to use detergent in this hack. He poured conditioner into the laundry. After the spin cycle was finished, he put the shirt in an ice bath for 30 minutes. He then put it back in the washing machine for another cold spin cycle.

“All I did was chemical shock the fibers of the t-shirt,” Rich said. “Cold water doesn’t expand the fibers of the t-shirt, it relaxes them, allowing the fibers to be pliable. The conditioner only lubricates the fibers, allowing them to stretch. [It gives] you the perfect recipe for stretching your shirt.

Rich then put the shirt back on while it was wet. He stretched the sleeves and length by pulling on different areas of the item.

“You have to physically stretch the shirt and in a motion very similar to what I’m showing you so that it compliments your body better,” he said.

The clothing stretch hack has racked up 1.4 million views on TikTok. People were grateful for the practical information. Rich also noted in the comments section that the hack does not work on jeans.

“It forever changes my savings game,” said one person.

“It’s useful for everyone,” wrote another.

“The most useful tip I will keep with me forever,” one user commented.

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