They all have a chance to have an immediate impact

Josh from Platteville, WI

My family and I will be spending time in Door County and we will stop at Lambeau and Titletown on the way up. Something happening the week of June 14, regarding the practices that we might see?

Unfortunately, the practices haven’t been opened to the public since the Packers used Hinkle Field for OTAs (less space means less social distancing). If you drive at the right time, however, you might catch Spoff signing autographs.

Richie from Oceanside, California

I am planning a visit to Green Bay for the first time and have heard of a restaurant called Chili Johns. I think John Madden once said that he never missed an opportunity to go when he was in Green Bay. Do any of you know it or recommend it? I’m a big fan of spaghetti and chili!

I’m a big fan of Chili Johns, although my diet only allows me to eat there once, maybe twice a year. But I’ve been eating there since I was Baby Hod.

To support Scott de N’rleans I agree … I retired from the military in 2011 and immediately went to Afghanistan as a government contractor. As a lifelong and heavily deployed Packer fan, it hasn’t always been easy to keep up with the team. Due to the magic of the internet I was watching the “Fail Mary” game and we all know how it ended. As I was fuming and delirious, I heard a knock on my door. It was the new FOB commander who wondered what was going on!

And that poor soul had no idea what rant they were going to get into.

Working in an elementary school for many years, Pizza and Taco Day was the students’ favorite lunch menu. I know Packer players probably have strict nutritional goals to hit and plenty of food options to choose from, but is there a day or all-time menu item that players are looking forward to? Also, was there ever a food scuffle while you were covering the team?

For me it was braised ribs, but I think Sushi Day has always been popular with gamers.

David from San Antonio, Texas

Wes, I remain impressed with the media covering the Packers. Great questions and follow-up questions. Is there a sense of camaraderie and pride within the group? Is it competitive? Thank you!

I would like to think so. I haven’t covered another NFL media market, but I really enjoy my peers on the Packers pace. Well, apart from Demoski. OK, guys. Quadford will take you the rest of the way this week. Have a fantastic weekend.

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