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LITTLE FALLS, NJ – Washington finished a sweep with a 7-4 win over the New Jersey Jackals in Game 2 of Sunday’s doubles program at Yogi Berra Stadium, winning its sixth consecutive game against the Jackals and third. away in total to complete the road trip.

At the end of Saturday’s game which was cut short by rain, the Wild Things got some solid throws from Ryan Hennen, who came in to replace Daren Osby, who pitched two perfect innings before the game was suspended. After leading 4-0 at the time of the suspension, Washington ultimately won 7-0.

Game two was a Johnny Whole Staff game for the Wild Things as each of the seven pitching Washington pitchers worked an inning. It started with Ben Vicini, who hit two hits and gave a hit in the first, but scored a zero. John Murphy then worked a scoreless second, one-two-three with a strikeout before Washington struck to open the scoring in the third.

A brace from Brian Sharp pushed Cody Young, who had made a single to lead the heat, to third place. Nick Ward lifted a fly sack to the left to tag Young and open the scoring. Sharp scored on Trevor Casanova’s second hit of the game, an RBI single later in the set. Washington added two points in the fourth after Jesus Balaguer scored a zero on the board. Cody Young landed his first RBI in Washington before Ward lifted another fly sack.

New Jersey got on the board against BJ Sabol, who had two up his sleeve, when Jason Agresti hit his fifth homer of the season. Washington resumed the race early in the fifth when Bralin Jackson overtook Casanova at home, who scored his third hit of the game. The Jackals would respond to that and come back to less than two in the bottom of the fifth, one on ground loaded by Dalton Combs and the other on a single from Demetrius Moorer.

The Wild Things came back immediately with a response by getting their first five hitters on bases in the sixth. The top three scored the two points for Wild Things. Andrew Czech became the first Wild Thing to hit double-digit homers with a right-field explosion for his 10th of the year. Cody Young landed his third hit as he doubled down before Brian Sharp hit a hard ground ball that popped up right next to the first baseman’s sack for a double to score Young.

James Meeker led his scoreless streak to 24.1 innings in the sixth despite a brace in the lead. New Jersey had a run on two hits and a double play in the seventh against Zach Strecker to bring the game to its 7-4 final.

{span} Nick Ward pitched the Wild Things in Game 1, doubling down in the right corner of the field before moving up to third on wild ground and scoring on a single Andrew Sohn RBI down center. In the second, Brian Sharp passed Andrew Czech in Game 1 with two strikeouts to make it 2-0, Grant Heyman hoisted a two-run homer, his fourth of the year, right, bringing the score to 4-0 in Washington. {/scope}

{span} {span} Daren Osby threw two perfect frames to start his night, but before he could take the mound for the third, the lightning and rain came and didn’t stop. The game was suspended in the middle of the third set and resumed yesterday. {/ span} {/ span}

Washington returns home for a homestand and a three-game series with Team Quebec starting Tuesday at 7:05 p.m. at Wild Things Park. The Wild Things have an eight-game winning streak at home throughout the Frontier League season and they will look to make four in a row on Tuesday night.

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